Friday, March 20, 2009

TOTUS.....ha ha

TOTUS (otherwise known as Barack Obama'sblog or BOT for short) has his own blog. Click on the title of this post to find it.

I put this in red since it by an obvious republican, but it is very funny never the less........

.......I tried to stay to watch the "Tonight Show" taping, but I was given the bum's rush like everyone else. That said, I did get to watch some rehearsal time, and man, Leno really rehearses. I mean, he doesn't leave anything to chance. He's all about timing. In other words, Jay doesn't leave much to chance. And it isn't just this particular show where Leno is a control freak. I've got a cousin out here in LA; he's an Autoscript GP-15P GoPrompt, with a High-Bright Color LCD screen. He mostly does commercial work, but he does okay. No White House Commission with commisary privileges, but hey, there's always Schwarzenegger if Auto wants to dabble in politics. But I digress. Auto tells me that Leno's prompters tell him that Leno and his team do this kind of rehearsal and briefing for every show. So it wasn't like My Man didn't have a chance to think about a better line ... and PUT IT ON MY SCREEN!!It's days like this that make me miss the days when He and I would walk the streets of Chicago, doing community activism. Sure, it took Him 30 minutes to set me up, and sometimes he couldn't get the extension cord to reach an electrical outlet, or the folks he wanted to talk to would walk off because they had better things to do, or the glare off my screen made his remarks unreadable. But it was a simpler time, when he could stay on script and didn't feel the need to "speak his mind," and we were a team. All I know, is it's going to be a long flight home. .......

buh bye

Thursday, February 12, 2009

the new stimulus package

I can appreciate when republicans and others say the bill was full of pork. I think it was too. I disagree with the tax company in the nation is going to create jobs unless there is demand. I do think giving money to groups like ACORN is a joke, I hope that bit is gone.

But here is the thing about this bill... the money that would have helped female dominated industries like teaching has been cut and this bill provides almost no relief for women who need work. It is too little too late and my heart is in my throat most of the time now. I am under employed working at commission only insurance sales. I like the job but the charge backs are killing me. I need something more stable and I do not have any hope that this new bill will open up my options. Maybe if I could do construction? But I can not.

So what it this bill is going to put women back to work? Doesn't anyone realize that we are the poorest segment of society? We are the ones raising the kids and we are the ones most likely to be underemployed and uninsured.

Is there anyone competent in the Obama administration? Did no one realize they would have to govern after they "won"?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Secretary Clinton

Here is a piece from the State department blog.

Town Hall Meeting
February 04, 2009
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy
Dean Acheson Auditorium
Washington, DC
UNDER SECRETARY KENNEDY: Good afternoon and welcome. It’s the responsibility of a management officer to be as efficient and as economical as possible, so just a few brief remarks. When asking a question, please identify yourself and your office for the benefit of others. In light of the limited time available we have today, please make your questions as concise as possible. And because, obviously, of the size limitations of this room and the nationwide and worldwide reach of the State Department, this program is being broadcast throughout this building and is being made available direct and via rebroadcast to our colleagues around the country and around the world. So in this case, please remember that, in effect, this is a public forum. (Laughter.) In order to open to the process as much as possible, we will also be taking questions via the internet from colleagues at State Department offices around the country and around the world.
And with those, it is now my distinct pleasure to present to you the Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Madame Secretary. (Applause.)
Date: 02/04/2009 Description: Secretary Clinton addresses employees during a town hall meeting at the State Department in Washington, DC, Feb. 4, 2009. © AP Photo SECRETARY CLINTON: Thank you. Well, it is a real delight to be here with you for this town hall, and I want to welcome everyone inside this room and throughout the building, our country, and indeed, the world, because, as Pat said, we have a number of people who are joining us from posts overseas via the internet.
This town hall will, I hope, be the beginning of an ongoing conversation and part of an engaged and energetic, collaborative effort to make this the best-run, most effective State Department possible.
Now, some of you may know that I like to conduct listening tours. It’s something I started back in the 1980s when I was First Lady of Arkansas. I continued it in New York and around the country. I found that meeting with people and listening to their concerns in small groups and large was very important to me and gave me a lot of excellent ideas and constructive criticism.
So I like to think that this town hall will launch the latest of my listening tours. I want and need to hear from you, and that is not an idle invitation but an urgent request. We want to continue the dialogue we’re beginning today, and in fact, we’re creating a space on the Intranet website for you to generate your own ideas and engage in conversations with the whole Department.
I take the responsibility of managing our Department and obtaining the resources necessary to fulfill our missions very seriously. It’s why I appointed a new second position of Deputy Secretary to oversee the resources and management, working with many of you. And I’m very encouraged that both of our Deputies, Jim Steinberg and Jack Lew, have actually been confirmed. I can’t say that about anybody else yet.

Monday, January 26, 2009

"Obama is a lurker"

The following is a perfect description of Obama and his race for the white house......

Now I simply must post my full-lurker comment. It comes from mid-campaign last year, but still applies!!!!

Obama is a Political Lurker...always in the picture, but never out front, never leading the charge. Even his "famous" speech resulted in not a single attempt by BO to end the war once he got into the Senate. But then, he was so busy on day one running for his next promotion he forgot that little issue, didn't he?

I remember reading about him running into committee members on their way to a press conference about something they had just accomplished. He said, "What's up" and they told him and he said, "Can I come along"? They said sure - they wanted people on the podium for pictures and then he had the audacity (whoops!) to take the mic and speak as if he had been personally involved in the accomplishment. Staffers were pissed as hell at what he did.

He lurked in CT in 2006 (never really coming out and supporting Ned Lamont). He lurks on pro-choice (using weasel words and voting present). He lurks on race (demanding a dialog and now saying we should all move on - pun intended!). Condemning the Gas Tax Holiday proposal when he supported other such proposals three times.

Where in the world does he really stand on things? I don't know. And I'm not willing to take a chance.

If we elect a lurker then Repugs will rule the day anyway because he lurks right as much as he lurks left.

NOT what we must have for this country if we are expected to move forward.

Plus, he has destroyed any improvements we have made in race relations since 1960.

He should be ashamed of himself.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A few good rants

I have taken and posted some great comments about how women can stand up and take the power that belongs to them. I was thinking last night, why don't we just say NO to having less than 51 percent of the political power?
No more of this nonsense that we have to wait. All we have to do is vote for women, always, above voting for the male democrats who give us only grudging support.
Like I have said many many times, democrats would never win a single election for anything at all ever if it were not for the votes of women. If they want our votes then they can earn them.

Obama signs order to close Guantanamo in a year
President Barack Obama began overhauling U.S. treatment of terror suspects Thursday, signing orders to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center, review military trials of suspects and ban the harshest interrogation methods. ...

The centerpiece order would close the much-maligned U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, within a year, a complicated process with many unanswered questions that was nonetheless a key campaign promise of Obama's. The administration already has suspended trials for terrorist suspects at Guantanamo for 120 days pending a review of the military tribunals.

"We intend to win this fight. We're going to win it on our terms," Obama said of the war on terrorism. But he also said he didn't want to have to make a "false choice" between successfully waging war against terrorist organizations and hewing to U.S. human rights ideals in the process.

Here is another good one:

you know what gets me coyote
when you take a look at how israel belives it does not have to adhere to, oris exempt from, UN resolutions (over 60 of them and counting) i hafve always found this quite stunning, given that it was a UN resolution that created the state of israel.

as for women, we are low man on the totem pole, and sadly it looks as if that will remain for many more years.

The election this year opened my eyes. So called women's groups and women's organisations evidently were never really about advancing the cause of women, or to support women. It appears to me to have been more about making some of the members important and influential, only not for women, for themselves.

I have personallly come to the conclusion that womens org, are nothing but faux femiinists.The first time a truly viable women candidate appears to run, who was admitedly more experienced and intelligent, and what heppens? Teh big defender of women O-prah, after telling hillary she whould run (on her tv show) then supports Obama, followed by all large womens' orgs and feminist movements across america.

what a disgrace. And I wont even go into the palin tragedy, except to say that these womens groups seem to only care about certain types of women. It was perfectly fine for both hillary and palin to have blatant sexism used to defeat and belittle them both,

but hey, thats OK cos they are the "wrong" type of women

bullshit, i'll never support any womens groups ever again, Eff them, they are men without a p*nis IMHO

done ranting now:)

by: PUMA IRISH BRIGADE @ Thu Jan 22, 2009 at 17:59:00 PM EST

I was going to post more, but you know, I am just tired....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Oldy but a goody

By now everyone knows I am the number one fan of the idea of an Al Gore presidency. I think we need him not just because he is the best and brightest but because he has an inate decency and humanity rare in politicians. He is smarter than almost everyone, he is decent, he is experienced and he has great character.

Here is what the Washington Post published today.

Oh, and by the way.... I don't give a damn if he has gained some weight, must we always have that banal reference? Good lord, so have I. It's been a freaking depressing 5 and 1/2 years.

Boring Al Gore has made a movie. It is on the most boring of all subjects -- global warming. It is more than 80 minutes long, and the first two or three go by slowly enough that you can notice that Gore has gained weight and that his speech still seems oddly out of sync. But a moment later, I promise, you will be captivated, and then riveted and then scared out of your wits. Our Earth is going to hell in a handbasket.

You will see the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps melting. You will see Greenland oozing into the sea. You will see the atmosphere polluted with greenhouse gases that block heat from escaping. You will see photos from space of what the ice caps looked like once and what they look like now and, in animation, you will see how high the oceans might rise. Shanghai and Calcutta swamped. Much of Florida, too. The water takes a hunk of New York. The fuss about what to do with Ground Zero will turn to naught. It will be underwater.

Think of that, much of the coast underwater, large parts of our oldest most historic cities. What about Europe, Asia, India, Africa and Australia? Most of the great cities of the world are on the coast of one continent or another.

You cannot see this film and not think of George W. Bush, the man who beat Gore in 2000. The contrast is stark. Gore -- more at ease in the lecture hall than he ever was on the stump -- summons science to tell a harrowing story and offers science as the antidote. No feat of imagination could have Bush do something similar -- even the sentences are beyond him.

But it is the thought that matters -- the application of intellect to an intellectual problem. Bush has been studiously anti-science, a man of applied ignorance who has undernourished his mind with the empty calories of comfy dogma. For instance, his insistence on abstinence as the preferred method of birth control would be laughable were it not so reckless. It is similar to Bush's initial approach to global warming and his rejection of the Kyoto Protocol -- ideology trumping science. It may be that Gore will do more good for his country and the world with this movie than Bush ever did by beating him in 2000.

Gore insists his presidential aspirations are behind him. "I think there are other ways to serve," he told me. No doubt. But on paper, he is the near-perfect Democratic candidate for 2008. Among other things, he won the popular vote in 2000. He opposed going to war in Iraq, but he supported the Persian Gulf War -- right both times. He is smart, experienced and, despite the false caricatures, a man versed in the new technologies -- especially the Internet. He is much more a person of the 21st century than most of the other potential candidates. Trouble is, a campaign is not a film. Gore could be a great president. First, though, he has to be a good candidate.

More here

PS... I have a very good friend who is a conservative who said to me about 15 minutes ago (as we were driving home from rehersal) "we better start doing something about global warming". Boy was I tempted to rub it in. But all I said was "but remember Bob, 5 years ago people were making fun of the idea".

Can he finally do something?

Can Obama finally do something other than run for office now? Is the hype over and is he ready to get to work and accomplish something for the first time in his life as a politician?

Oi, it is going to be a long four years. We voted for Gore in 2000 and ever since we have gotten nothing but ambitious men with no experience actually being in charge of anything.
Please dear God, stop the religious and anti-gay pandering. Get rid of the AIDS "czar" who thinks the solution to the problemsof AIDS and pregnancy is abstinence only.
Please let Obama stop talking nonsense about women having abortions because they "feel a little blue". Please make him leave Social Security alone. We don't want it privitized.
Please dear God help Obama reconsider his terrible choice for education secretary who thinks the solution to the nonexistent problem of education is more testing and NCLB.
Help Obama to reconsider Universal healthcare. It is what we need and any half assed measure are only going to make the problem worse. It is better to let the system be completely reworked than continue to put a band-aid on an amputation. OF all the nominees, Obama's plans were the worst for healthcare.

Please God, we do not need a democratic party Dubya and that is what I fear we have.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

To a departing p-Resident

No, I never forgot and I never forgave. You were not elected. You know it and the american people know it, even the ones who like to say you were. Nope, more people vote for Gore, even in Florida and allowing you to take office is probably the biggest mistake in American history. In a way we got what we deserved.

Democrats should have fought harder to keep you from stealing the office of the president. Those in congress and the senate and governors like Rendell should be ashamed to have told Gore to concede and let them get on with their deal making and party organizing. Those of us NOT in government should have hit the streets regardless of what Al Gore said.

The supreme court justices who voted to stop the vote count can rot in hell for what they did to our electoral system and our country. But mostly, you can go down as the worst president in History and your brother Jeb can die in relative obscurity because there will never ever be another bush in the white house. Even your father is cursed with having given you life. He will always be known as the father of an election stealing fraud who almost ruined the country.

I saw bits of your outgoing speech to the american people. You have go to be kidding. Being an obnoxious and a lazy incurious bully doesn't make you a type A personality. And you weren't just president when the bad economy hit, you CAUSED it. You took us to war on a lie and you spent billions a month to pay for it, all because you had some juvenile fantasy about being a war president.

You also allowed and indeed encouraged the worst energy policy and worst budget policy in history. It is unimaginable that the people voted for Gore and got you instead. And unfortunately in a way we got what we deserved because we didn't even care enough about our democracy to insist that it worked right and the votes of the people were counted.

You disgust me, but I am sure that deep down you disgust yourself too. No one steals political office to do good things. They may think so, but Machiavellianism is never a good idea. When in their wisdom the people chose another candidate for President (or the democratic primary) there is a reason for that. Those who interfere are destined to be remembered poorly for their efforts and are doomed to failure.

Now fly off to your land Paraguay because I doubt you will find any peace here.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Are these women out of their minds? I imagine this is their way of buying inlfuence or access but I hope they get a clue when no access or influence is forthcoming... at least none they will get without completely whoring themselves out. Speaking of which, since they are selling a poster version of this nonsense the whoring may have already started.

Here are some responses found on another web site.

This is what a feminist looks like?? File this one under: Does Feminism Even Need Women?

Apparently NOT...Next issue J-Z on the cove with a free CD of "I got 99 problems but a Bitch Aint One"... I am NOT GOING TO SAY HIT ME! NO NO NO I WON'T!
Woman Voter | Homepage | 01.11.09 - 8:48 pm | #

Barack Obasm a feminist? When pig lipstick flies. I don't think Barack even likes women, at least it doesn't seem that he does when he allows his hired help to behave like a bunch of disrespectful sexist swine. Not to mention his inability or unwillingness to chastise any of the people who woman bashed in his support. He's the same thing to women he is to the LGBT community, all talk no-show!
CarolynKB | 01.11.09 - 9:31 pm | #

Feminists always tell their wives to say "Her first job is as a mother!"

Feminists always party to misogynistic rap songs, especially "I Got 99 Problems and a Bitch Ain't One."

Feminists always look the other way while their male staff members simulate sexual assault.

Feminists always say abortion is "between a woman and her pastor."

Feminists always make sure to appoint no more than a few token women to important jobs.

Feminists always make sure male staffers make more than female staffers.

Looks like we have gone Through the Looking Glass.
odyssey | 01.11.09 - 10:46 pm | #

I didn't know that Michelle Obama had rejected the word "feminist." After all that complaining about Barack and his male privilege issues, too...oh, well, it does explain how she could be a member of that church.

So if she was upset when he let male privilege almost destroy her marriage, now will she be upset to learn he is a "feminist"? These people make my brain hurt.
Diane | Homepage | 01.11.09 - 11:03 pm | #

And better yet, he ran on the strongest platform for women’s rights of any major party in American history.

Was that the"99 problems but a b*tch ain't one" or the "We won't overturn Roe v. Wade like that stupid c*nt Caribou Barbie will" platform?
myiq2xu | Homepage | 01.12.09 - 5:02 am | #

My own reaction was one of betrayal. The kind of betrayal that happens when a mother meets a shiny new boyfriend, and turns a blind eye to what he is doing with her daughters while she is away.

Ms. Mag was a mother to me in the 80's. Boy, has she ever come a long way, baby! Now she wants me to believe that I, as her daughter, need a Superman to save me? And that I should "just keep quiet honey" about what he did to all my sisters during the campaign season.

I'm sure, for many women, this is deja vu.

Obama supporters believe in sexism an misogyny, but only in theory.

They can see racism in the words "fairy tale" but no sexism in "Lipstick on a pig."
myiq2xu | Homepage | 01.12.09 - 10:19 am | #

That is simply a gross over-generalization that is beneath you. It is simply not true, especially when you look at the millions of women who supported Obama over Hillary in the primaries.

And you have to understand, to millions of women in the US watching Hillary lose the primaries and be treated in such a misogynistic way by Obama and his people was repulsive. To watch the dream of a female president delayed yet again for someone so unqualified provokes tears of sadness and rage. His inauguration will be a tragedy for this country to many of us.

He says he is a feminist but ACTS like a misogynist--actions speak louder than words?!
odyssey | 01.12.09 - 12:22 pm | #

Obama won by appealing to the worst misogynistic impulses of this country. I am horrified to learn how deep these impulses continue to run in the US. Obama is a reminder of that fact--that it was worse here than I thought for women. He embodies the dissolution of hope. He continues to disgrace the office of President.

Oh, but wait, having some women give some prayers at some time during the week of his inaguration---wow! Such important tasks! Power to the women!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Reform Entitlement programs

"Reform" always means "take money away and privatize". If Obama is going to reform senior entitlement spending, people on Social Security and Medicare are in for big trouble.
Yes I am jaded. I know what reform means and I know that Obama is always looking to be the guy all sides can agree with, post partisan compromise and all that.
I can tell you that people can not live on less SS income, unless they are already rich. I fear for some of my clients.

Friday, January 2, 2009

You have to pay how much for him to lose you money?

I work for an insurance company. Right now it is really rough for me because of some unfortunate circumstances, but generally it is a very interesting way to spend your day.
We specialize in the area of seniors, retirement, med-sups etc. One of the things I talk to people about is their retirement investments and losing money in the stock market. When you are retired it is important not to lose your "nest egg", it has to last for the rest of your life. Unfortunately finacial planners and stock brokers do not think about or do not care about the difference between a 40 year old client and a client over 65. I had one client 94 years old who was told to leave her money in the stock market "it will come back"......"IN TEN YEARS" I said. "She will be 104 years old when that money is back to where it was if it ever is".

This makes me crazy. Anyway I was talking to a woman who is ill and has all kinds of issues with insurance and brokers and trusts no one and I can hardly blame her. Her broker said they have to pay him 400 dollars to meet with him to find out how much money they have left. I said "you have to pay him 400 dollars to tell you how much of your money he has lost over the last year?" I told her to call him, leave a message and tell him she wanted all her holdings liquidated and a check overnighted to her home in 24 hours. I said she would get results that way and she will...but let's see if she has the courage to do it.
Why are people so impressed with financial planners? Is it that they are charging them money and so they must be good? If someone was charging me thousands of dollars a year to watch my life savings disapear, you can bet I would yank my money out in this economy.