Thursday, February 12, 2009

the new stimulus package

I can appreciate when republicans and others say the bill was full of pork. I think it was too. I disagree with the tax company in the nation is going to create jobs unless there is demand. I do think giving money to groups like ACORN is a joke, I hope that bit is gone.

But here is the thing about this bill... the money that would have helped female dominated industries like teaching has been cut and this bill provides almost no relief for women who need work. It is too little too late and my heart is in my throat most of the time now. I am under employed working at commission only insurance sales. I like the job but the charge backs are killing me. I need something more stable and I do not have any hope that this new bill will open up my options. Maybe if I could do construction? But I can not.

So what it this bill is going to put women back to work? Doesn't anyone realize that we are the poorest segment of society? We are the ones raising the kids and we are the ones most likely to be underemployed and uninsured.

Is there anyone competent in the Obama administration? Did no one realize they would have to govern after they "won"?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Secretary Clinton

Here is a piece from the State department blog.

Town Hall Meeting
February 04, 2009
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
Under Secretary for Management Patrick Kennedy
Dean Acheson Auditorium
Washington, DC
UNDER SECRETARY KENNEDY: Good afternoon and welcome. It’s the responsibility of a management officer to be as efficient and as economical as possible, so just a few brief remarks. When asking a question, please identify yourself and your office for the benefit of others. In light of the limited time available we have today, please make your questions as concise as possible. And because, obviously, of the size limitations of this room and the nationwide and worldwide reach of the State Department, this program is being broadcast throughout this building and is being made available direct and via rebroadcast to our colleagues around the country and around the world. So in this case, please remember that, in effect, this is a public forum. (Laughter.) In order to open to the process as much as possible, we will also be taking questions via the internet from colleagues at State Department offices around the country and around the world.
And with those, it is now my distinct pleasure to present to you the Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Madame Secretary. (Applause.)
Date: 02/04/2009 Description: Secretary Clinton addresses employees during a town hall meeting at the State Department in Washington, DC, Feb. 4, 2009. © AP Photo SECRETARY CLINTON: Thank you. Well, it is a real delight to be here with you for this town hall, and I want to welcome everyone inside this room and throughout the building, our country, and indeed, the world, because, as Pat said, we have a number of people who are joining us from posts overseas via the internet.
This town hall will, I hope, be the beginning of an ongoing conversation and part of an engaged and energetic, collaborative effort to make this the best-run, most effective State Department possible.
Now, some of you may know that I like to conduct listening tours. It’s something I started back in the 1980s when I was First Lady of Arkansas. I continued it in New York and around the country. I found that meeting with people and listening to their concerns in small groups and large was very important to me and gave me a lot of excellent ideas and constructive criticism.
So I like to think that this town hall will launch the latest of my listening tours. I want and need to hear from you, and that is not an idle invitation but an urgent request. We want to continue the dialogue we’re beginning today, and in fact, we’re creating a space on the Intranet website for you to generate your own ideas and engage in conversations with the whole Department.
I take the responsibility of managing our Department and obtaining the resources necessary to fulfill our missions very seriously. It’s why I appointed a new second position of Deputy Secretary to oversee the resources and management, working with many of you. And I’m very encouraged that both of our Deputies, Jim Steinberg and Jack Lew, have actually been confirmed. I can’t say that about anybody else yet.