Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I do not promise that my answer will be truthful if you ask me a personal question, but it will be funny or snarky or something mildly amusing. I can not promise that my advice will be fool proof if you ask me about your love life.
But ask me ANYTHING and if you like my answer donate a few bucks.

Area's of expertise:
life insurance, medicare suppliments and annuities
raising sons with character
raising cats with a smart ass attitude
dog training
Erly childhood education
Elementary Ed
Bad educational policy (IMO)
Classical Russian Composers (there are more than two...really)
Popular verbal ticks that have destroyed the language in recent years
Stupid actor lingo
who sucks the worst in the media
What happened in florida in 2000
how the democratic party let us and Al down in 2000
the FOB great balloon war
How Move-on got it's start and how that relates to FOB
What FOB is/was
What do you call a musician who breaks up with his girlfriend? (okay that is a personal favorite joke right now and I will tell you why..dammit)

anything else I have forgotten I am an expert on or chose to pretend I am an expert on or will cover up my ignorance by being a wise ass on.....


An old blog I used to know

Here is the link to another blog I used to update and have not since april. It's about my other life in the theater and music.


Some day I will write new content for it, I have been singing a lot, but not today. Today like most other days this month my stomach is in a knot and if I could just get a truck to come and haul away all of my old life, I would get in my car and leave the state and start over somewhere with jobs. I would miss friends and church and the groups I sing with but this need to escape is so strong I am affraid it will manifest itself one way or the other.
But I am 52 and starting over where I have no contacts and no support system.... I do not know if I have the strength for it. The last time I made a big move I was in my 30s and had two teenage sons, child support and a reason to have to get up every day. Now I just feel beaten down. I do not want to face anyone or talk to anyone in real life. I am just busy screaming in my head and trying to get through the day without screaming out loud.

I will be writing about surviving in Obamanation

I have a new focus. I will now be writing about politics, the awful media and what it is like to try and survive as a real person in the present times.
No one, by the way, is giving me a senate seat, so I am underemployed, uninsured and hoping against hope that I can find a way to survive both. I am not alone.
It seems to me that there are some things PresObama needs to do which may not be bi-partisan, but will help save the nation and those of us on the edge (and believe me, if you are NOT on the edge, you may be closer than you think) and one of those things is universal healthcare and that means MANDATES. It won't work if we are not all forced to buy in. That's right, you get in and pay when you are young and healthy and that helps insure other older people. Then when you are an older person young people will pay and help support you. It's how our Social Security system works and it is how our economy works and kidz, really, you don't know it yet but we are all in this together.

Right now I am suffering the results of the bad economy. I sell insurance (yes I am one of those evil people), I am new at it and I really enjoy the job, however people are paralized, afraid to spend another dollar even when they can see how it will improve their long term safety. Lots of rich people got through the depression with Annuities, but people are afraid to move their money and continue to watch it disapear in the stock market instead.
I had a few major charge backs because people who have lost their jobs have had to drop life insurance and even medicare suppliments. They are in a downwards spiral and while some of them are making bad decisions about where to save money, others have no choice.
I talked to a guy yesterday who had 200k a year ago and is down to 50k. It is his and his wife's whole nest egg other than their house. Yes they are much better off than some other seniors, but knowing that some stock broker sat and moved their money around and charged them to do it while they slowly lost everything they had...well it just makes me crazy.
I shouldn't take it to heart, but I do.

Today, my sister who is younger than me told me that a weird orphan desease she has is back and has caused more erruptions under her skin. She is at the very top of her stress level. We are tied together financially and her stress and my stress together is hurting our relationship. In my family we do not fight, but lately we have been and it is because of money. I am guessing we are far from the only people who are finding that twenty years of peaceful relationship is being damaged by the economy..... and the elite in government go "tsk tsk...we are going to fix this, vote for me"... and they never fix a thing.

Dear Barack, bandaids will not work now. You are great at making sure you get that next election under your belt, but now you have to govern. Good luck, many of us are clinging, but not to our guns and religion. We are clinging to the roof over our heads and food on the table.