Saturday, January 17, 2009

To a departing p-Resident

No, I never forgot and I never forgave. You were not elected. You know it and the american people know it, even the ones who like to say you were. Nope, more people vote for Gore, even in Florida and allowing you to take office is probably the biggest mistake in American history. In a way we got what we deserved.

Democrats should have fought harder to keep you from stealing the office of the president. Those in congress and the senate and governors like Rendell should be ashamed to have told Gore to concede and let them get on with their deal making and party organizing. Those of us NOT in government should have hit the streets regardless of what Al Gore said.

The supreme court justices who voted to stop the vote count can rot in hell for what they did to our electoral system and our country. But mostly, you can go down as the worst president in History and your brother Jeb can die in relative obscurity because there will never ever be another bush in the white house. Even your father is cursed with having given you life. He will always be known as the father of an election stealing fraud who almost ruined the country.

I saw bits of your outgoing speech to the american people. You have go to be kidding. Being an obnoxious and a lazy incurious bully doesn't make you a type A personality. And you weren't just president when the bad economy hit, you CAUSED it. You took us to war on a lie and you spent billions a month to pay for it, all because you had some juvenile fantasy about being a war president.

You also allowed and indeed encouraged the worst energy policy and worst budget policy in history. It is unimaginable that the people voted for Gore and got you instead. And unfortunately in a way we got what we deserved because we didn't even care enough about our democracy to insist that it worked right and the votes of the people were counted.

You disgust me, but I am sure that deep down you disgust yourself too. No one steals political office to do good things. They may think so, but Machiavellianism is never a good idea. When in their wisdom the people chose another candidate for President (or the democratic primary) there is a reason for that. Those who interfere are destined to be remembered poorly for their efforts and are doomed to failure.

Now fly off to your land Paraguay because I doubt you will find any peace here.