Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Can he finally do something?

Can Obama finally do something other than run for office now? Is the hype over and is he ready to get to work and accomplish something for the first time in his life as a politician?

Oi, it is going to be a long four years. We voted for Gore in 2000 and ever since we have gotten nothing but ambitious men with no experience actually being in charge of anything.
Please dear God, stop the religious and anti-gay pandering. Get rid of the AIDS "czar" who thinks the solution to the problemsof AIDS and pregnancy is abstinence only.
Please let Obama stop talking nonsense about women having abortions because they "feel a little blue". Please make him leave Social Security alone. We don't want it privitized.
Please dear God help Obama reconsider his terrible choice for education secretary who thinks the solution to the nonexistent problem of education is more testing and NCLB.
Help Obama to reconsider Universal healthcare. It is what we need and any half assed measure are only going to make the problem worse. It is better to let the system be completely reworked than continue to put a band-aid on an amputation. OF all the nominees, Obama's plans were the worst for healthcare.

Please God, we do not need a democratic party Dubya and that is what I fear we have.