Tuesday, November 2, 2010

how I voted and why

I voted for women first and democrats after that. My default for two men running was vote democratic party. My default for women was democratic women first, republican women second, democratic men third.
Why? Because women are the ONLY group in America which is still grossly underrepresented in politics. However we are the majority of people in this country. We have all the political power we need if we would use it. Instead we allow men to divide and conquer.....
"oh no, I can't vote for her, the media tells me she is stupid and they make fun of her". "I don't want to be labled a "vagina voter"". "Oh no, I can't vote for Hillary Clinton, her husband cheated on he and she didn't leave him. She's just a political opportunist. She is not experienced, Joe Six pack will never vote for her".
Well in fact Joe Six pack did vote for her and the majority of other people in the country voted for her..but they were labeled racist so it was okay to discount them and snatch their votes away. I can not tell you how many times I have seen political pundits and other women in the media just sit silently while others questioned if Palin could hold office and raise her children too. Why do we never see the same question asked of men? Why don't the women sitting there say "hold on there bucky...."
You don't even have to like Palin or agree with her to see that the sexism directed at her is sickening. As a feminist woman it makes me want to tear my hair out. Even women, women who said they are feminists, jumped right on board with the men determined to destroy her image just like the tried to destroy the reputation of Hillary Clinton with remarks about looks and the way they dress and the fact that they are only extensions of their husbands...Hillary cried (she did not) to win sympathy. Women were voting with their female parts (yeah, like men have not done that for thousands of years).
On the subject of Obama and why this 2010 election IS about him:
I used to think he was conservative and that all the conservative legislation that passed was his real position on healthcare etc... now I realize that he really has no clue who he is or what he thinks until someone floats a theory or talking point that sounds good..then he gloms on to it and repeats it. That's so sad. That is not leadership, that is not change, it is not good policy and it is certainly NOT what we need in this time. We need a REAL visionary, who has real policy ideas and not just those he read in a thesis from ten years ago, like (SNARK ON) "teachers are the problem with education" brilliant! Yes and if only every minority child had a voucher for private school they would all graduate and go to college and there would be no more poverty and drug wars in the inner city. (SNARK OFF)

This election is about him and it is about the DNC which (through selective rule rigging and ignoring) decided that the choice of the voters, Hillary, should get shoved aside for the cool black guy who could bring kids to the polls and was collecting masses of corporate money BEFORE anyone ever heard about him, and was spreading that money around. Spreading the money around is legal. All politicians do it...but the rule rigging at the DNC by the machinations of Donna Brazile (a supposedly impartial election pundit on CNN, was also a DNC official who rigged the rules). And the ballot box stuffing In TX, IN and God know where else, was highly illegal. Intimidating Clinton supporters by loss of their seats in congress...illegal. Busing kids in to caucus in states they didn't live in, or to stand in voter lines so real voters would give up and go home....illegal.
In the end Hillary was with in 17 delegates of Obama and four of his delegates were Hillary's in MI which were stolen from her. And there was NO floor vote at the convention. Her supporters where threatened and coerced. Shameful, there is ALWAYS a floor vote. Ted Kennedy got a damn floor vote at the convention of 1980, and he had much less support than Clinton in 2008. It was a disgrace. In addition Hillary, according to exit polls would have beat McCain by four more points than Obama did.
So now what? Those kids didn't get their promised hopenchange and they are at home pouting while Obama is running around clueless as to why democrats are so unexcited about voting. No Barack, we are not scared and irrational. We KNOW what we are voting for and against. You passed a lot of enemic republican lite legislation and got called a commie ANYWAY. Had you passed real reform republicans would have still called you a pinko, but democrats might have been more likely to vote. Not all disatisfaction with your job is from the right. Some off us here on the left are pretty disgusted too. And do not tell me you had to compromise, you did not, not with veto-proof majorities in the congress. In addition, 70 percent of Americans thought there should be a public option, yes that means lots of republicans too. But you chose to make back room deals with for profit health organizations to get rid of the public option so they would not oppose your big health care debacle, rather that pass good legislation that would work for the people. Instead you chose to compromise when you did not have to to insure you could claim victory. Victory for bad, too expensive health care that is to the right of what Nixon proposed when he was president.

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