Sunday, August 8, 2010

Giving away billions

Hey rich guys, how about rather than giving to charity, you create some JOBS? That is what people need and what will help the country.
Here is the plan, each of you create a business with a business plan that says the company will make a good product at a good price and to survive it will have Executives who can never make more tham 10 times what the average worker makes. It should be right in the corporate charter. Then you decide to train and promote from with in. It should also never be publically traded so that the workers never again have to feel the squeeze from having to satisfy the stock holders.
In addition, how about you put some of your money in to educating the public on and promoting single payer health care? That is what business in this country really needs. It is the middle class that needs help so that this nation can survive.

I don't get it, I really do not. Why charity rather than jobs? Why charity rather than infrastructure? Why charity rather than real healthcare reform? It is the tax breaks?
With all your billions you could do so much good if you would look at what the country really needs rather than your need to be and look charitable.