Friday, April 18, 2008

A few days to go

It's primary time in PA. This is the first time in a long time that our vote has counted and I plan to make good use of tuesday. I will be voting for Hillary as will most people in PA. The out of state folks have shown up and things are cooking.
I talked to a woman at the Scranton office. She is here from TX and she told me she was spit at by some of the Obama folks. I think they most be from out of state too because I can not believe that the good people of PA, even Obamakidz are spitting on Clinton supporters.

Here is a video of Obama giving Clinton the finger. Nice, and he wants to be president?

Welcome to PA, NewHampster, Ulsterdem and friends. Let's get a drink later.


  1. The finger thing has been disproven.

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  3. Anyone with eyes can see what he did and take note of his childish attitude.

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  5. The NY Times recently ran a story about Hillary's tepid support of Obama, this is unacceptable!!!
    It is long past the time when you Hillary whining hens need to get off your ample asses and start to support Obama.
    He won, you lost, GET OVER IT and get in line.

  6. tsk tsk tsk Hector, you really should get educated about who Hillary supporters are and what they are doing before posting and embarassing yourself like this. We are fighting to protect our Constitutional rights that Nobama is hell bent on taking away from us. Clearly you have not done your homework on Obama. How do I know this, you are not scared to death of him. Wake up son!