Monday, April 14, 2008

Dear Senator Obama:

There are many reasons I am not voting for you. None of them is included in the patronizing elitist snob list that you have to your friends in San Francisco.

First of all I think Hillary Clinton is smarter, nicer, harder working, more experienced, more charactered and all around a much better candidate with better policy positions.

Secondly, damn right I am voting for her because she is a woman. She is an extraordinary woman and she also happens to be one of the best candidates we have had in a long long time. We need her in office because she is the person best capable of fixing the bush mess. One day you may be as smart and hardworking as Hillary, but you aren't yet.

Thirdly, you have accused people of racism way too many times. The Clinton's are not racists and neither are the people in PA who you think give a damn about the color of your skin. Stop demeaning people, everyone who doesn't love you is a low rent rube and bigot.

I hear your dog-whistle sexism loud and clear. Why Annie Oakley? And of course there is the blatant sexism such as calling all of Senator Clinton's experience overseas "tea with foreign dignitaries". You could never demean her that way if she were a man, you would not get away with it.

You are mean spirited. Why is your instinct always to make fun of and insult your political opponents? Why do you spend so much time in your appearances mocking Clinton and/or McCain? It's ugly. Criticize them on policy but stop mocking them and their supporters.

And then you are always selling yourself as some sort of savior. There is a reason people are referring to you as Obamamessiah these days. Your wife has said our souls are broken and we need you to fix us. But I do not want to vote for a Preacher in Chief.

BTW, the democratic party didn't have a problem with religion before you came along, we were not "hermetically sealed off from the faith community", as you stated, and we will not have an issue long after you have gone. We just happen to think that religion is a private matter, one which our elected leaders should respect and leave along. Sadly you do neither. I think you have a lot of nerve being condescending about other people's beliefs. You have a plank to take out of your eye first Senator.

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