Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Burka USA, Really?

I saw a woman at the doctors office the other day. She had a skirt to the floor, a long sleeved plaid men’s shirt that was 3 times to big, a scarf over her head that completely covered her face, glasses over the scarf and a skull cap. I wanted to talk to her but I couldn't even do that since there was no way to know if I had caught her attention etc… a large part of communication is eye contact and facial expression.

Now that it has been a week since I saw her and her husband who stared at my chest for 10 minutes until I left the room, I just keep thinking “are they kidding?”
Why would any free woman do this to herself?

I demand as nicely as I know how that people be respectful or at least rational about my religion. I am a Christian. I don't think I am "such a good Christian" as someone I love once threw in my face when I criticized John Edward's sleazy behavior. Well, she supported him in the 2008 primaries and believed the kid wasn't his. So she said to me "oh you think you are such a good Christian, look at how judgmental you are." Of course I was telling her that Obama was gonna get his ass kicked. So I knew I was making her mad. But she had said she would rather see Hillary Clinton dead than as President. It was kind of a crazy thing to say.

As it turns out, Obama's bankster buddies crashed the economy and the rest is sickening history. After the crash a ham sandwich would have won had it run as a democrat.

Anywhoo....Whaaa? I think I am such a good Christian? I have never said that or suggested that. In fact I normally do not announce that I am religious so as not to embarrass other Christians. My wonderful lovely Presbyterian brothers and sisters would never choose me as a spokesperson or example to live up to, not in any way shape or form.

I sing and I am grateful for that and I am grateful that there is a God of Love. I do not apologize for that. If you don't like it, bite me. See, that's what a good Christian I am.

Some years ago I was running a county office for a democratic candidate and one of my volunteers was a really wonderful Muslim woman who became a good friend. She and her kids and her sister came and worked all the time and they were so nice to have around. I was crazy about all of them. I would never say that she was the kind of women to tolerate subjugation. To even question her choice to wear the complete body covering and Hijab would have been an insult. She should be teaching a college class in social work or something, that's how dynamic she is. But maybe I should have asked her about her clothing and what it meant to her. I wish I had also asked her why she was so faithfully waiting for a husband who was in Prison. I sincerely hope he is out and they are happy. But I also hope she throws off the robes and frees herself or keeps them on and frees herself. In fact I would love to see her run for congress. I'd support her. But I don't know if her religion allows her to have that sort of independence.

I don't know, I find it hard to understand a religion that says women must be completely covered because men can't be expected to control their penis. That is a religion I think needs to step in to the 16th century. I can't, I just can not continue to be politically correct about this. I am worried about the women in the ME and I have a right to be. I have a right to care about what happens to women all over the world and NO, I don't have to shut up because that is "their culture".

In the meantime I hope someone tells that woman in the doctors office that her husband is a pervert and she looks like Cousin It on Halloween and she should stop doing that to herself.

Oh yeah, I took a course in how to handle a gun in hand to hand combat, you know, in case someone breaks in and tries to kill me. I live on 30 acres of woods and fields ,it's glorious but remote. It turns out that I am a damn fine shot. I have been looking for opportunities to go to Afghanistan to be a sniper and pick off all those brained Taliban sissy's who have to prove what men they are by throwing acid in the faces of little girls going to school. So far there have been no job listings for overweight middle aged white women with bad backs to go shoot terrorists. Too bad, I would totally go and shoot some parasitic Taliban heroes. Really, Bush bombs their rubble in to smaller rubble and the way they think they are going to save their country is by keeping women uneducated and subservient? Juvenile jerky boys, that's all they are.

As for what is happening in Egypt. I know lots of my fellow liberals are all excited about the revolution. I am not so jazzed. If freedom and democracy means only freedom and democracy for men, then there was no revolution and it's all a joke. I mean it. The Muslim brotherhood is busy putting on layer upon layer of sheep's clothing and the left is busy being distracted by the bleating of those fake sheep. Their goal is and always has been world wide Islam, no vote for women and Christians and all other infidels, infidels being any one who is not Muslim. Meantime some toad in the Obama administration said they were a secular political group. Yeah right.

Sometimes I feel like my fellow libs are like Charlie Brown who tries to kick the football time after time after time. Must we be so open minded our brains fall out?

I have an idea. I think if the Muslim Brotherhood get to have a political party then there should be a group called the Egyptian Sisterhood, made up of hard ass Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Pagan and Atheist feminists and they should be guaranteed by law to have the same number of seats in parliament as the Brotherhood. If I were Queen of the world this is how it would be. This is how it should be. To think of it this is how it should be in the USA,..... fat chance. The DNC would never stand for it.